Azerbaijani Students & Alumni of Benelux
“Making links among incoming Freshmen, Current Students and Alumni”
We, a group of students and alumni living in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, came together because there was a gap in the market to improve the adaptation procedure of our new students and to foster the alumni network in the Benelux countries. Incoming students often have difficulties on accommodation, registration procedure, education system, as well as on integrating into a new society and we wanted to change that. Our combined experience aims to both make the life of new students easier and strengthen the network among our alumni.
When you arrive in Rotterdam for the first time, it is quite challenging to arrange all the practicalities needed. For this purpose, we have written a comprehensive guide that contains information about all facets of student life. Visit our guide for detailed info…
Moving to your new, adopted city of Brussels can be a stressful time. But worry not! We have put together all the helpful tips you will need to enable you to make your transition as smooth as possible. For more info view our guide…
Promotional Video of AzSAB. We do hope you will enjoy watching it.
Furthermore, you’re invited to create a personal account on our website in order to explore and participate in our activities, to feel the support provided by our members regarding education, working opportunities in Benelux, and to take advantage of other benefits offered by our association.
Study in the Netherlands
Did you know that 1 in 10 students in the Netherlands is an international student? The Netherlands has more than 112,000 international students and that number is increasing every year. So why should you study in the Netherlands? In about 100 seconds you will know if “Holland” is a place for you!
Study in Luxembourg
If you want to study in a multicultural environment, then Luxembourg is the best place for you. The University of Luxembourg has positioned itself as a multilingual, internationally-focused research-oriented institution, offering students an extraordinary environment. Courses are taught in three languages: English, German and French.
Study in Belgium
Belgium is an attractive destination for many international students. Students from a variety of countries tell you why they chose to come and study in Belgium. Not only it has well-ranked universities, it also provides a very good standard of living and a bustling student atmosphere in a glorious medieval setting.