The guidances have been written by AZSAB members and it covers all necessary information and tips for incoming students
Belgium Study Visa
Written By: Tamara Makinskaya
Updated By: Ceyhun Yusifzadeh

First of all, please note that you cannot apply for a long-term Belgian visa in Baku. The most convenient way to apply for your student visa is the “VFS Global” center in Istanbul. However, make sure you start your application procedure at least 3 months before the actual beginning of your studies in Belgium. You may find all the required information on the website.

You can make an appointment by (i) call or (ii) online through an online appointment system. In case you make it by call ask for e-mail confirmation of your appointment date. Through the website you may find the whole list of all required documents for your application. 

  1. Medical certificate. “International SOS Clinique” is the only recognized medical institution in Baku. Only certificates issued by this institution will be acceptable. Therefore, you shall make your appointment to the Clinique in advance.
  2. Proof of Financial support. This is one of the most significant documents. There are different options of your financial solvency proof:
    • a. Proof of the scholarship you have been or will be granted.
    • b. Proof that a guarantor supports you. You may find all the information regarding the documents required from the guarantor on the link above. The documents vary depending on the citizenship of your guarantor (Belgian citizen, EU citizen, or third-country national). To gather up the required documents for this specific procedure usually takes at least two weeks. However, if you do not have sufficient amount of money to open a deposit account in your University, but you know someone who has highly paid job, this option will suit you
    • c. Proof of your personal ability to finance your studies. Proof of your personal and regular incomes (example: real estate, stock and share incomes, etc.)  
    • d. Deposit account with your University. This is the easiest option if you do not have any scholarships. Most Belgian universities make this option available to foreign students in order to facilitate the visa process. The rule of a deposit account is that the allowance money for the entire stay is deposited at once in advance. The University will advise you on the amount of money that will be required for your entire stay in Belgium (depends on the period of your studies). From the deposit account, you will then be able to withdraw your minimum allowance each month. Please note that you will not be able to withdraw the whole sum, each month the financial office of the University will transfer you only your monthly allowance.
      • Once a deposit account is opened and the money transferred, you will receive a certificate from the university. This certificate will suffice to prove that you have sufficient means of subsistence. You shall contact the university and get the said certificate before your visa appointment, again it is very important to manage your time.
  3. Non-Criminal Record Certificate, Notarized certificate of your diploma/degree, transcript, etc. These documents shall be translated, notarized, and legalized before your application.

These documents shall be translated, notarized, and legalized before your application.

The most important thing during the application procedure is time management. Don’t wait until the last moment to submit your visa application. The decision-making time might be longer during some summer period. Therefore, make sure to submit your visa early enough.