The guidances have been written by AZSAB members and it covers all necessary information and tips for incoming students
The Netherlands Study Visa
Written By: Nurlan Avazli
Updated By: Abulfaz Gahramanov

The prerequisite for applying for a visa is getting an admission letter from the university. After admission, the student must apply to the IND by the main assistance of the university. It is recommended to visit for the necessary information. The most reliable source of information about all laws and regulations is posted on that site. 

It should be noted in advance that the rules of the law change every year. These changes often occur, albeit insignificantly. It is advisable to search for the latest information on the university website or to ask people who are interested in the issue. It should be noted that you do not need to personally send a document to the Dutch embassy/consulate. The university solves all the necessary issues for you and applies to the IND on your behalf. After 15 workdays, you will receive a confirmation email entitled “MVV and residence permit approval”, which will require you to make a reservation on the site to the appropriate consulate. The visa process consists of 3 stages.

  1. First Phase. It is a stage of acquaintance with the university and it can also be called a stage of admission from the university. You will be sent emails showing important places on the university website. The university has groups on Facebook and other social networks.
  2. Second Phase. Your university will send you a link to the application form. After submitting the necessary information that is required in the link, proceed to the next step.
  3. Third Phase. The good news is ready after the email of “MVV and residence permit approval”. There are two main options for Azerbaijanian students: to select Dutch consulate in Ankara or Tbilisi for the reservation. Before coming to the consulate, please fill out the form and bring it with you.

The university helps you in all processes, they even have specialists in this field. So, do not hesitate to email the university if you have any questions. In the second stage of the visa process, you will need to pay a deposit to the university. The paid deposit will be credited to your bank account when you come to the university.