The guidances have been written by AZSAB members and it covers all necessary information and tips for incoming students
By:Madina Ismailova

Leuven is not only the city where Stella Artois is brewed, but it is also famous as a university town. Every year the oldest university of Belgium, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), founded in 1425, invites thousands of international students to study here. Choosing this university, it means that you have a great opportunity to plunge into vibrant student life in the heart of Europe. Besides the fact that the KU Leuven is the oldest Catholic university in the world and the oldest university in the Low Countries, it is the center of knowledge, science, and modern innovations. Different faculties of the university are distributed per campuses. The KU Leuven has its campuses in different cities: Campus Groep T Leuven, Campus Brussel, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussel, Campus Carolus Antwerpen, Campus Sint-Adries Antwerpen, Campus Geel, Campus De Nayer ST.- Katelijne Waver, Campus Sint-Lucas Gent, Campus Aalst, Campus Kulak Kortrijk, Campus Diepenbeek. Its programs are taught in Dutch and English. In addition, there is also a high school, UCLL (University College Leuven Limburg), which is also an association of the KU Leuven and has its branch schools in Province Limburg and Leuven.

Language of study
As it was mentioned above, you can study there in Dutch or English. To apply for the programs, which are taught in Dutch, you need to prove your language proficiency. The same is required for the programs which are taught in English. Each campus of the KU Leuven has a large selection of different language courses. For example, such a center is called KU Leuven Language Insitute (ILT). Hereby, you can find more information about it via the link below:
Another language center where you can learn different languages including Dutch and English is the CLT Language center. Find more information about this center via the link below:
The level of the Dutch language required for high education in Flanders is B2 or C1 depending on the study program. The same is referred to as the programs taught in English. Your level of proficiency can be proved with a certificate obtained from exams of different institutions such as IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced, etc.
Registration at the KU Leuven
There are two possible moments to enroll in programs of the university: in September and February. All registrations are held in student administration offices. There, students can get all useful information about registrations and assistance if it is necessary. Moreover, students can get a number of privileges, such as transport reductions, health services, information about student organizations, etc. If you are officially enrolled, you will receive a student card and access to the online study platform Toledo and your personal study email. After these procedures of registration, you need to make an appointment with your study coordinator to discuss your individual study program and schedule. It is also important to regulate tuition fees. Mostly, the KU Leuven sends an invoice via email or post. If you have any problems or difficulties with a payment, you can ask for social help at the social service office of the KU Leuven, Stuvohuis. The Stuvohuis provides help not only with problems regarded payments but also with many other student problems. You can find their services at your campus. This link might be helpful for you to find more information about their services:
Registration at Municipal Office
Another important step that you need to take is registration in the City Hall of Leuven. Students from non-European countries, who already obtained a visa, need to apply for registration in order to stay legally in the country. You need to plan your appointment beforehand, as there is always busy. Via the following link, you can book your appointment:
After having a signed rent contract and getting the document of financial guarantee, it is necessary to apply in the city hall’ foreigners register. The list of documents necessary for getting the student ID is given on a website.

Health Insurance and Hospitals
All students in Belgium, locals, and international, according to a health insurance policy must be covered by one of the insurance companies. It is also useful for their own interests of students, as medical costs without insurance are pretty high in Belgium. With standard health insurance, you can get your refund by 75 % from doctor’s visits, medication payments, and hospitalization. The two most known social security services among students in Leuven are Partena and CM. More information below:
There are different websites where any kind of student room, such as a studio or house are proposed. It is advisable to search for it online months before coming to the city. Hereunder there are links on some important services: 
Most people in Leuven use bicycles to move from place to place, but there is public transport accessible for those who don’t cycle.
If a student is younger than 26, he or she can get the train- or bus ticket at half price. All you need to do is to show your certificate of enrollment with your ID card. If you are older than 26, there is another social solution. You can find more information about it on their websites:
Places to study
Everybody chooses favorite places to study with their own preferences. Some prefers to study at home or in student rooms, while some prefer to study at libraries or in a relaxing atmosphere such as bars, restaurants, and cafes. Here below you can find some advisable places: 

All campuses of the KU Leuven have their own libraries with comfortable facilities where you can print, scan, reserve study place, and even for a group. In many of these places, you can enjoy cozy sitting places, silence, and, of course, to get energy and inspiration in small coffee bars.

Student job
If you decide to earn some extra money, there are career offices that collaborate with the KU Leuven. One such popular partnership is Randstad which helps students to find any kind of job. This office also organizes different sessions where students can get useful tips with the application procedure. university’s relevant office.