Management Board Vacancy Positions



  • Managing the Management Board
  • Supervising MB members’ performance and activities
  • Providing constant support to MB members
  • Continuously reviewing and tracking the Action Plan
  • Preparing a report on AzSAB performance and activities


  • Appointing the President as his/her proxy in certain discussions and meetings
  • Investigating MB members’ possible problems and solving those issues
  • Monitoring and supporting the progress of projects and activities
  • Preventing possible delays in the Action Plan


  • Carrying out clerical work
  • Being a coordinator within the team
  • Taking notes during meetings and discussions
  • Coordinating internal meetings and discussions


  • Developing project ideas
  • Developing and implementing projects
  • Having necessary negotiations regarding projects
  • Compiling project budget
  • Evaluating project results (post-project evaluation) and preparing reports
  • Being responsible for all processes during planning, development, and implementation
  • Liaising with possible project team members and involve them in the project
  • Assessing and reporting on the performance of the member(s) involved in the project organizing


  • Actively managing social media pages
  • Making and implementing Social Media Content Plan
  • Finding possible sponsors and having cooperation negotiations with individuals and/or organizations
  • Preparing a monthly content plan for each next month and assessing at the end of the month
  • Exploring and learning different apps to make Instagram stories interesting and interactive
  • Making and sharing Instagram stories to promote the mission of the association and attract a larger audience

5.1 Content Creator

  • Creating contents for the page posts
  • Contacting members about sharing their experiences and success stories and reviewing their writings
  • Writing the latest news and articles about AzSAB and publishing those articles on the website

5.2 Visual Content Creator

  • Making visual adjustments according to the given contents/themes
  • Creating visual contents in certain programs
  • Making short videos on specific topics and ideas
  • Creating visual contents to promote the association and its members